English Language Advanced Masterclass


Use 20+ Advanced English Grammar Points with examples, structures, and activities
Use 400+ New English Vocabulary (Words & Expressions) – with definitions, explanations, examples and memory games
Practice English Speaking – with speaking activities to use the Advanced English Language
Practice English Listening – with English Listening activities to increase your understanding
Practice English Reading – with articles and comprehension exercises
Practice English Writing – with real-life projects where you can get real feedback
Learn 10 Study Skills
Discuss many topics in the English Language – cultures and customs, health and medicine, politics, talking about your life, investigations, economics, marketing and

InstructorOlivia Chloe

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    The English Language Advanced Masterclass is more than an English Language Course.

    This is a Masterclass where you learn and really practice the English language at an Advanced English level – your English speaking, your English grammar, your English vocabulary, your English listening, reading and writing. You can complete 10 Advanced English Language Projects and you even learn 10 new study skills! … And so much more.


    Beginners, Intermediate, Advanced Course, Professional Course


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